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UEH Green Campus 2023 - Marking a Significant Milestone on the Green University Journey of the UEH Union and Association



The year 2023 has marked significant milestones of the UEH Green Campus Project on the journey towards a Green University, changing the environmental awareness of UEH student generations in particular and the community in general. This is the foundation to enter the new phase of the project in 2024 - building the "UEH Green Community" of students - a sustainable and pervasive green living community.

Summary of UEH Green Campus 2023 Project

Expanding cooperation and strengthening the foundation of the pillar "Community Connection"

In 2023, the UEH Green Campus Project organized new outreach activities helping to change the perception of UEHers, which has been strongly supported.
The UEH Union - Association has expanded cooperation with more than 10 businesses and green partners to develop community projects and spread UEH's green activities to society.

Typically, the "UEH Green Day" series is held periodically every quarter to promote environmental protection awareness and form green living habits of UEH students, aiming to build a sustainable university. The UEH Union - Association has partnered to organize various activities and attract many students such as exchanging trash for GreenPoints and Can to Can; Green Art: decorating shopping bags, exhibitions on recycled fashion, Limart (recycling jeans), TADU (recycling rags); exchanging batteries for gifts; experience booths, interactive game 3R1A. With practical meanings, the UEH Green Day series 2023 has received 5,223 student responses and 35,826 visits. 

Can to Can booth: Can pressing activities - Recyclable waste treatment

"Exchanging batteries for gifts" attracting more than 200 students and collecting 15kg of old batteries

Green Art: Decorating shopping bags attracting nearly 300 students with 289 completed works

Students actively participating in decorating tote bags at the "Green Fashion" booth

Promoting the topic of Green Campus in UEH Union and Association programs

With the desire to spread green lifestyle and environmental awareness to student generations, in the past year, activities with the theme Green Campus have always been incorporated into UEH Union - Association programs and received enthusiastic responses.

Cultural Festival to Welcome New UEH K49 Students - Noi Vong Tay Lon 2023 was held for 4 days with many green living challenge activities: UEH MAKER SPACE workshop, interactive information booth "UEH CARBON FOOTPRINT FINDING", recycling practice booth "UEH 3R",etc. They attracted 1500 students and more than 97,000 visits, making a strong impression on the UEH student community.

Students gaining experiences at the UEH MAKER SPACE Workshop

A large number of students participating in the activity "UEH GO GREEN STATION" 

Green City activities at the "UEH Youth Festival 2023: Green City - City of green colors" brought challenges with the theme Zero Waste. In this city, there are "districts": Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with many useful activities to raise awareness about recycling waste, saving fuel and protecting the living environment for UEH student generations. These meaningful activities brought in 18,276 visits, 2,642 student participants in the "districts", and 729 interactions.

A new form of playing Bowling

"Recycling Maze - Zero Waste Lifestyle" attracting many students

In addition, the UEH Union - Association also keeps guiding and closely follows affiliated Unions - Associations listed as those of the School of Law and School of International Business and Markerting to organize series of challenges, minigames, workshops and so on with topics of 3R1A culture, eco fashion, ACE Workshop series, UEH Green Campus 2023 - GEN G and so on. The activities have been strong suppored students in the UEH community With nearly 476 student participants, the total number of views to fanpage posts was 13,968 with more than 2,500 interactions on social networks.

The meticulous lines carring the message of green living

Promoting green research activities on Green-Campus-related topics

Students are a prominent force in spreading the message regarding the importance of protecting the environment and promoting positive changes in community behavior. Understanding this, UEH has organized research activities related to the 5 topics of Living Lab, creating opportunities and environments for students to participate in researching, nurturing and developing initiatives, and receiving overwhelming responses from the students.

In 2023, there were 55 research articles on the topic of sustainability among UEH students, including 31 research articles on changing waste classification behavior and 3R practices among students and other groups; 1 research article on changing needs to practice Reduction; 8 research articles on scientific and technological solutions; 4 research articles on turning waste into recycled resources, circular economy using technology and innovation; 6 research articles on effective communication and educational programs/campaigns; 5 research articles on the role of carbon credits in the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. In addition, UEH has recognized 16 research articles in the Economics Event Commentary Series for Students. 

Empowering generations of students to learn and research, UEH and their lecturers have accompanied you to develop desired topics and projects, resulting in forming solution models to respond to today's environmental problems. Thanks to this positive learning and working environment, UEH has gradually affirmed its position on the national Green University rankings. 

By the end of 2023, the UEH Green Campus Project has obtained positive achievements in all pillars: training, research and community connection. From this foundation, it actively contributes to changing thinking and raising awareness of UEH student generations in particular and the community in general regarding the importance of a green and sustainable lifestyle./.

News and photos: UEH Youth Union - Student Association


UEH Green Campus is implemented by University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) in collaboration with the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA) and environmental and circular economy partners. The project won the Champion of the international competition ""Zero-waste City Challenge"" organized by World Waste Aid.



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