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UEH Green Day - Understanding and spreading the green living message to UEH students



UEH Green Day took place under the frame of the camp celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - UEH Youth Festival 2024: CITYVERSE recently on Stockholm street, where experience booths the UEH Green Campus model and sustainable green lifestyle were gathered. With the space of campus N - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and the presence of nearly 5,000 UEH students, UEH Green Day has approached and spread the message of a strong sustainable green lifestyle through exciting and meaningful experience activities. 

UEH Youth Festival 2024: CITYVERSE on a grand scale

Green Living slogan inspiring students 

Workshop Eco Fashion: green living from everyday things 

Coming to Workshop Eco Fashion, students have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and to show their ingenuity by recycling used jeans into unique and pretty fashion accessories. Students can learn recycling and reusing old objects in everyday life through eye-catching and colorful infographics. With interesting messages and experiences, Workshop Eco Fashion has spread inspiration regarding recycling habits in life to create a green lifestyle from small things. 

Experiencing creative recycling of old clothes 

 Crafty and sophisticated recycled products 

Go green station: learning how to classify waste through fun games 

Through new games, students at Go Green Station can easily memorize how to classify waste according to model 7 as oriented by UEH Green Campus. By receiving information through interesting fun activities, players will be equipped with waste classification skills according to Model 7 that UEH is aiming to, creating green and sustainable living habits for students.

Fun and rewarding waste classification games

Students participating in the challenge of classifying waste according to the 7-oriented UEH Green Campus model 

Live green, don't live fast: Lifestyle orientation and sustainable development goals 

At the "Live green, don't live fast" experience booth, students can access the Living Lab and UEH Green Campus topics through useful interactive questions. Through this, students will spread the message of green and sustainable living. In the development journey of UEH students, the message will provide the right direction on the harmony between economic values ​​and environmental protection, thereby stimulating students to research and explore new ideas, producing topics on the environment and green innovations, and promoting economic construction in parallel with protecting the living environment. 

Orienting green lifestyle and sustainable development goals with UEH students

Useful information and knowledge being conveyed through interesting activities

UEH students participating in propagating and spreading meaningful green living messages  

Closing UEH Green Day on Stockholm Street in the exciting atmosphere of UEH Youth Festival 2024: CITYVERSE, the students had an experiential space full of knowledge and useful information. With the sustainable values ​​conveyed, UEH Green Day has contributed towards building a green orientation and lifestyle for students, creating a strong motivation for the pioneering and dynamic generation of UEH students to jointly develop the economy along with creating a green living environment through potential and valuable topics and innovations.

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UEH Green Campus is implemented by University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) in collaboration with the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA) and environmental and circular economy partners. The project won the Champion of the international competition ""Zero-waste City Challenge"" organized by World Waste Aid.



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